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  1. We engaged Raquel Renderos’s team to care for our mother during her terminal illness and are immensely grateful for their care and skill. Our mother was a very particular and demanding person and could often be harsh. Yet Raquel and staff won her over by engaging her with respect, acknowledgment and perfectly applied expertise. They followed Mom’s cues on how she wanted to be treated, were gentle and tender when she felt scared, and demonstrated unbelievable patience sitting with her quietly for long periods of time. Our family was very supported by their knowledge and experience in the dying process, including what to expect and guiding us with a sure hand the days before and during our mother’s death. In addition, Raquel and her team coordinated well with our hospice and social worker team, putting into place simple but effective processes to coordinate with the greater team and the transitions within her own team for the 24 hour care we eventually required from Raquel’s team. We recommend them highly to anyone desiring part-time or full-time care-giving support for their loved one.

  2. The home caregivers are very diligent In performing their duties. They will go above and beyond to lovingly care for their patients. They communicate regularly and respond to all requests, keeping the lines of communication open. We highly recommend them!

  3. Raquel and Marta took care of my grandparents. Both are extremely professional caregivers who do an excellent job. Both have big hearts. I lived in the house with my grandparents. When I met Raquel’s sister Marta she did such a great job and showed such kindness I fell in love with her. Within less than a year we are now married and she is my lovely wife. I can’t promise you will meet the love of your life with luxury touch home care but I can promise they will give you love care and attention you won’t get anywhere else.

  4. It’s a great choice to have special care for our family. They are so lovely with the patients. I’ll definitely hire their services again when needed. The caregivers even cook delicious healthy meals. They are all bilingual.

  5. Their caregivers are just the best! Also they are bilingual! I’ll never stop thanking how they cared for my loved ones.

  6. I highly recommend Luxury Touch based on our experience with them. They took incredible care of my parents, showing love and support with a kind, gentle touch. They enabled my parents to live out their lives in their home which was so important to them. Top notch organization!

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